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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Welcome to the World of Paleo-ish LCHF!

It's time for your "Starter Class".
For those of you who attend my class, this will be a recap; perhaps a chance to go more in-depth.

I'm connecting you to a YouTube video that is perfect for introductory LCHF (Low Carb High Fat), because it addresses so many of the issues that arise when you try to help someone understand LCHF.
Don't I NEED those "healthy" whole grains?
Won't I have a heart attack from eating fats...especially saturated fat?
No? Well, why on earth has the government and all the "experts" been telling us to this stuff for the last 35 years?
Don't I need to do cardio to lose weight?
Why is it sooooo hard to give up my sweets (or crackers, breads, whatever)?

In my session, we started up at minute 52, for the sake of time. Feel free to watch from the very beginning to get the full scope of the message. It's pretty entertaining, too!


Also, there is a very brief (11 minute) video with a simple, easy to understand video introduction to the Basics of LCHF HERE. You may have to give your email in order to access this link, so if you aren't comfortable doing that, don't worry...we'll be covering all this info anyways. This is just a very good, to-the-point video explanation that I felt was worth including for the complete Newbie.

So, What’s The Paleo Diet? Glad you asked! I follow a Paleo-ish diet, instead of a strict Paleo diet (which doesn't allow for any dairy). The linked article does a great job of thoroughly explaining Paleo and what you can and cannot expect from following Paleo. (On a side note, I'm thinking to actually drop dairy except for butter. Cheese seems to make me feel "off" and look puffy, and whipped cream seems to cause immediate small weight gain, so I probably have an issue with it and need to let it go. I've just been stubborn because I enjoy it so much!)

If you'd like to be pointed to some actual scientific research that will help alleviate your fears, here are a few good links:

And finally, for those of us who either already eat low carb or have tried it in the past but didn't lose like they thought they should...
  • Drop sodas. Even if you need to wean yourself slowly, just do it.
  • Stop using crappy fats: all margarines, all vegetable oils except Coconut Oil.
  • Get a Bacon Grease container and start saving it.
  • Stop buying garbage that is a temptation to you. You can either switch the whole household over to healthy, whole, real foods(which I totally recommend)...or if there would be a complete mutiny, at least figure out what foods you can't resist and drop them. For the beginning of my LCHF days, I was very tempted by Little Debbies. But I was still buying that type of junk for my kids. So, I started buying them the particular Debbies that I didn't like (like those pink Snowball things...gross!). Or, pick the ice cream that you couldn't care less about. 
Temptation be gone!

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