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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Few Things to Get for Your Paleo-ish Low Carb Kitchen

In our last session, there were a few items that several of you showed interest in purchasing.
I promised to make life a little easier for you by posting links to those things.
Like I mentioned, if you use my link to purchase these items, you will help me to receive a small portion of the sale, because I'm an Amazon thank you!
The items you requested I post:
I LOVE this cookbook! Several of you have flipped through my copy & liked the looks of it. That wonderful Browned Butter Syrup recipe (and a number of other extraordinary recipes) is in it. CLICK HERE.

And I also made Zoodles (Zucchini noodles) for you with my Spiralizer. This is the one I have for $13.77 (CLICK HERE):
But this one actually looks like a better deal for $14.95, maybe? CLICK HERE
No promises on it being long-lasting, though, as the last one I had fell apart (the old neon green one), and I haven't had the new one long enough to be able to say.
For those of you interested in a much, much better salt for cooking & sprinkling at meals...
Pink Himalayan Salt is what you want:
Full of needed minerals and the taste is just better, too. CLICK HERE.
And if you haven't bought the
 Swerve Erythritol Powdered/Confectioner's Sugar Alternative to make your Browned Butter (and other stuff, too!), HERE'S THE LINK to a recipe I posted for the pancakes, with a clickable link for the Erythritol.
And finally, here is the link to the recipe for the peanut butter cookies, which already has a link to purchase the NOW Stevia Glycerite. RECIPE with LINKS HERE.
Was there anything else I'm forgetting? Just comment below & I'll add it!

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