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Friday, October 9, 2015

Tweaking Your Low Carb Paleo-ish Diet When Needed...

If you are happy with the way you feel, with your rate of fat loss, then keep working your method! If it ain't broke...well, you know...
However, if you've come to a screeching halt for more than 4 weeks, or you are losing fat way too slowly for your liking, you can tweak some things.

Most of the things to tweak have been discussed before, and you can look at the older posts (see archives on right side of the page, or click on "Starting Out" under the "Food Veritas Post Links", also to the right of the blog).
But if you have been watching for carb creep, getting enough sleep, etc., then it may be time to dial in your KETOSIS to a more intense level, if you want more intense results.
I have found a wonderful, easy-to-use Keto Calculator over at Maria Emmerich's blog: Maria Mind Body Health
Please fill out the Calculator according to your own personal stats and then check the results and choose your desired level to pursue. (You should subscribe to her blog or check it regularly...she has great recipes, posts, etc.!)
So how does one keep up with their macros throughout the day to make sure they've dialed them in to the levels requested in the Keto Calculator? I like the My Fitness Pal app. Here's their website. To add the app to your phone, go to your phone's app store to get it (currently free in both iPhone & Android for the base model, which has worked for me for well over a year). I'm sure there are others out there that work great, but I'm a fan of this one and its easy-to-use Bar Code Scanner, which makes adding food with a bar code super easy. You can also set goals, track your weight, set up recipes, choose recurring meals, etc. promised, here's the link you asked for to the herbal supplement that helps me completely eliminate my hot flashes & night sweats:
I can't promise it will work for everyone, because our body chemistry is different from person to person, but at less than $20 per month supply, it's totally worth a try!

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